WELCOME to our Beach themed large metal sign great house warming gift

Regular price $38.00

You are looking at a large, metal WELCOME wall sign.  Great for any porch near or at the beach or makes a great gift idea. This one measures 12.25 inches wide by 12 inches tall, but can be custom cut almost any size (just contact us). Shiping gets a little crazy on the larger items, but we will try to get the best deal we can.

The usual disclaimers about sharp edges, natural defects in the metal, etc...all apply as with other peoples auctions. However, we went to great lengths to make sure these designs are as good and clean as we could get. These are locally designed and made, no reproductions or China stuff.

 This particular item is powder coated and cured in an oven with any of our custom colors or textures, but looks best in one of our Blacks (hammertone, flat or gloss). If you don’t select a color we will use the wrinkle black.

 Shipping is actual cost of postage based on your zip. Thanks for looking!

**PLEASE note: it is very possible this item is the color and size you want and in stock and ready to ship. However, depending on current stock, work load and any custom work you may request, we might have to make this item for you. This can take anywhere from 3-10 days depending on work load and what you request. Please allow for appropriate times so we can do an excellent job for you and not hurry the work. If interested, you can email us for an ETA on any item.**