TULA Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp W/Metal Basket, Dimmer Switch with Plug

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Enhance Your Living Space:

Bring a little Zen to your home or office space with the Tula Wellness Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp W/ Metal Basket! Chunks of pure pink salt combined with an incandescent light bulb delivers a soothing ambience.

Beautiful Addition to Your Home Decor

The lamp is crafted from pure Himalayan pink crystal salt, which is known for its anti-microbial properties. Simply plug the lamp into a socket and the gentle compounds bring a beautiful and warm glow to any home or office. The salt crystals also rest within a black metal basket for a classic appearance while the dimmer switch adjusts the glow that suits your tastes!



Dimmer Switch For Light Adjustment

Metal Basket W/ Black Satin Finish


6.5-inch Power Cord

40W Incandescent Light Bulb (Included)

Package Includes:

1 Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp W/ Metal Basket

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