Scented Candle Gift Set with Natural Soy & Aromatherapy Oils - Vanilla, Eucalyptus & Lavender

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"Be Brave, Be Strong & Be Happy", these were the words my mother gifted me before ascending to the pearly gates. Years later, these words still resonate within every fibre of my being. In a world where we often struggle to find light in darkness, these words act as the light keeper to my heart. My hope is that this gift brings you as much strength and love as it has for me. Be Brave with the heart of Madagascan vanilla. Be Strong with a blend of rustic eucalyptus & crisp peppermint. Be Happy running through fields of lavender

Janos Fernando is an Australian based homeware designer, who aspires to connect the buyer, to his collection, through the art of story telling. The homeware collection, an ode to his childhood in Singapore, brings to life personal experiences and heart-warming, nostalgic memories that last a lifetime.