New Embroidered Forget-Me-Nots Flower Floral Accent Pillow New 12 x 16 Insert

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A very classy pillow!

This is a one-of-a-kind custom accent pillow. The design is from Forget-Me-Not flowers — Myosotis.

The pillow size is approximately 16" x 16" x 4". The embroidered design on the front uses ivory upholstery fabric with a linen texture. The side panels and back panel uses a beautiful upholstery fabric with a sage green color and a very tactile linen-like texture.

Inside, the pillow has a new, soft, high quality pillow insert.

The embroidered design has a relatively high stitch count. John researched and digitized the embroidery design. Beth created the pillow design. Beth uses great computerized embroidery and sewing machines for the bulk of the work, then hand sews the final side shut.

This accent pillow would be great for a wide variety of interior designs. A very classy, versatile accent pillow!

This pillow would also be a great asset for interior decorators or real estate agents that regularly stage high-end homes.