iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (Pack of 2 Mills) - Automatic battery operated Coarseness Adjustable Shakers with light

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Product Description

Electric Pepper Grinder iBunnyShop Kitchen

Why choose us:

1. Convenience & slick design - They look great in your kitchen, cordless battery operated designed makes them easy to be moved around.

2. Quality matters! - We choose the super quality stainless steel, Toxic-Free, and BFA-Free acrylic glass to build these Mills.

3. They come with lids

4. They are Premium Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

5. Easy to clean

6. Easy to use - These automatic salt & pepper mills are very easy to use. They even come with guides with pictures illustration.

7. Dedicated batteries compartment on each one of them - for easy installation.

8. No leak/leakage - These automatic salt & pepper shakers come with a lid for each one of them that can keep your tabletop clean.

9. Ceramic vs metal core - These ceramic core grinders can totally outperform those Metal Core grinders at grinding.