House Blessing Candle,Psalms Blessings,Good Fortune,Crystals,Housewarming Gift

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              House Blessing Candle

Our House Blessing Candle is Crystal, Essential Oil, and Botanical Infused with all premium organic ingredients, that offer you A home cleansing and purifying candle, that also draws in Miracles, Prosperity,Love,Peace, Tranqulity, and Protection from the Angels.


Rose Quartz Clear Quartz

Sage Frankinsence Myhrr and Rosemary_ To Purify the space and remove negative or stagnant energy, and to aid in Protection from the Angelics.

Catnip Rose Petals Lavender Buds and Saffron to draw in Love Happiness Joy Peace Luck and Good Fortune

This candle has been created while reciting Psalms 23, and is Reiki and Crystal charged with Divine White Light.