Donald Trump Toilet Brush Bowl with Holder, Funny Gag Gift for Your Friends and Family, Make Your Toilet Great Again, The Presidential Novelty Gift. (Trump Brush + Base)

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Size: Toilet Brush

A PERFECT GIFT FOR TRUMP LOVERS AND HATERS: Your friends will get a kick out of it, Know someone who adores Trump? Surely they’ll love having him in their bathroom! It’s an intimate way to spend even more time with your favorite President. And if you hate Trump, well...let’s just say your bathroom will always stay clean. PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA (AND NOT NORTH KOREA): It’s no secret that Trump loves China, so we sent a trade delegation of our own to get these brushes made in one of China’s greatest factories. They are very stable geniuses at making toilet brushes– and the Little Rocket Man is not involved! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You can’t take back your vote for Trump, but if you don’t like this toilet paper just send it back to us unopened for a full refund. No one wants a second-hand toilet brush, but we don’t care. Just don’t use it before you return it!