Copper Wire Spirit Tree #990 Steampunk Housewarming Mother's Day Christmas Gift

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‘Spirit Tree’ #990

Looking for a uniquely inspirational gift?

This ‘Spirit Tree’ is bent, but not broken. It was created with our natural spirit in mind. The limbs represent the resiliency in each one of us. The trunk of the tree represents how we overcome the gusts of fierce winds in our life. The foundation is solidly wrapped in the entangled, deep roots which signify our strength and endurance.

They are a perfect gift for any situation. From birth and weddings to sickness and funerals, this ‘Spirit Tree’ will represent your feelings on any occasion. It can be given as a Congratulations, I’m Sorry, or even Just Because! They also make great Housewarming and Corporate gifts.

  They are uniquely handcrafted 100% in the USA and will last many lifetimes. No two trees are alike. Each one is unique and has its own personal presentation.

  They usually take two to three days to ship but can be expedited priority mail. Please contact me directly if that’s needed.    

           * Measures:  8.00 " H x  8.50 " W x  7.50 " D      

           * Material: Solid Copper Wire & Ozark Mt. Stone

           * Includes a gift tag & a coupon for a future purchase through Refreshing Art com

It is very important to me that you fall in love with your purchase, so please contact me directly if you have any questions or want more info (such as backstory), or additional photos prior to spending your hard-earned Money.

Customer feedback is very important to the success of an artist. Please leave yours upon receipt of your art piece.

Feel free to contact me for questions or concerns about your purchase.

Mark Allen

Metal Artist & LPA



The Spirit Tree and the Spirit Tree story are Copyright and trademark protected.

Any reproduction is prohibited.

Copyright 2015

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